School Fees

The Board of Trustees determines the Instructional Material Fees for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as per Policy -2: Role of the Board Section 8.1.  School fees for materials and resources are sanctioned under the School Act.

To view the detailed fee schedule refer to Form: 505-1 Board Approved Fees

Program Fees
Schools may also charge program fees to supplement the programs they are offering and the basic materials required,  In all cases, the material fees covers specific item(s) and, schools do not generate profits from program fees. Refer to 505-1 Board Approved Fees

Payment of Fees
Fees are due and payable at the time of registration in September. Parents have a number of different payment options, including post-dated cheques and installments.  The administration at each school is responsible for the collection of all fees, including the program fees. Refer to Administrative Procedure 505 Student Fees for more information. If fees are still not paid following correspondence from schools and Central Administration, unpaid school fees may be forwarded to a collection agency.

In special circumstances arrangements can be made to have the fees waived.  If an applicant qualifies to have their fees waived they must complete 505-2 Waiver of Fees Application Form and submit it to the Director of Business Services for approval.

Transportation Fees
Ineligible passengers, whose parents / guardians wish to access bus services provided by WRPS are required to pay a transportation fee and complete FORM 16-1 Application for Transportation.  For more information on transportation eligibility refer to Transportation Services.

For detailed information on student transportation refer to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Transportation Handbook.

School Fee Refunds

REFUNDS for Kindergarten to Grade 9 School Fees/Instructional Material Fees (IMR) may be refunded upon request of the parent.   High School IMR fees will be refunded if the student withdraws within the first month of the Semester or for a Semester if the student withdraws prior to the Semester starting.   (If a student transfers to another school within Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools in the current year, the fees paid for IMR will not be refunded, but will be considered paid at the receiving school.)

Insurance, Lock Fees, Student Union Fees, Parent Council fees will not be refunded unless the student withdraws from the school within the first month.  (If a student transfers to another school within Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools in the current year, the fees paid for Insurance will be considered paid at the receiving school.)

Program/Course fees (options) will be refunded in full within the first 2 weeks if the student withdraws from the course.  No refunds will be issued after the 2-week grace period.

All Refunds will be issued upon the approval of the Administrator.

No refunds will be issued for amounts of less than $10.00. Credit balances of under $10.00 can be transferred to another family member within WRPS or can be left on the students account and applied to the next school year.  

LATE REGISTRATIONS - School Fees/Instructional Material Fees (IMR), Course and Activity Fees may be pro-rated at the discretion of the School Administrator for Kindergarten to Grade 9.  Insurance, Lock Fees, Student Union Fees and Parent Council Fees will not be pro-rated.

Note:  NSF cheques and bank charges will be applied to the invoice.