Principles for Professional Growth

The Principles for effective professional growth are the ‘why’ or the reasons for engaging in ongoing professional learning. As a progressive learning organization, we are committed to improving learning and believe:

  1. professional learning and practices are supported by (critical reflection of) research and data.
  1. effective professional growth is supported by site based collaboration aligned with division and provincial priorities.
  1. effective professional learning includes innovative practices to enhance knowledge, skills, attributes and competencies.
  1. professional growth is individualized, generative and focused on improved practice.
  1. in high quality professional growth and transformational change leading to school and system improvement.
  1. professional learning is job embedded and includes opportunities for collaboration.
  1. through continued growth inquiry based learning supports staff to engage in individual and shared responsibility to further professional growth.
  1. organizational learning is ongoing, collaborative, supported and fully integrated into Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools’ culture.