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Central Administration

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools
Central Administration Office
5515-47A Avenue
Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 3S3

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Phone:  780-352-6018
Toll Free: 1-877-352-8078 

Central Administration Office Reception 780-352-6018
Central Administration Office Fax 780-352-7886
Superintendent of Schools Terry Pearson 780-352-6018
Associate Superintendent: Personnel Rick Hayes 780-352-6018
Associate Superintendent: Business Sherri Senger 780-352-6018
Associate Superintendent: Instruction Brian Taje 780-352-6018
Director of Support Services Nina Wyrostok 780-352-6018
Director of Educational Services Catherine Hamblin 780-352-6018
Director of Plan Facilities Contact 780-352-8078 ext 22
Transportation Manager Garth Rapson 780-352-6018 
IT Manager Brian Archinuk 780-352-8078 ext. 41
Communications Coordinator Sherry Knull 780-352-6018
Director of Business Services Shannon Dewald  780-352-6018
Records/Student Information System (SIS) Manager Denice Monaghan 780-352-6018
Facilities Manager (Custodial)  Rick Norman 780-352-8078 ext. 24
Human Resources Coordinator Kelly Batten 780-352-6018
District Principal Jodie Mattia 780-554-1237
Health and Safety Maintenance Coordinator Terry Senger 780-361-8790
Principal of School Technology Cordalee Fiveland  
Educational Technology Teacher Angela Dearing  


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